Be The Exception

Rise above the lie that you can’t have both performance and purpose.

Be Bright

Bright companies play by a different set of rules.


Become an organization that maximizes
performance and innovation.


Become an organization that inspires
integrity and joy.

Hi, I’m Ted Harro

I lead a team of brilliant professionals and practical idealists whose primary goal is that you perform well and make a positive impact in the world.

How We Do It

We amplify the talents of leaders; inspire collaborative teams; free the organization to unleash its brilliance.


When leaders engage in inside-out learning, they unleash light and height in every situation they touch.

We help transform your leaders into catalysts.


When teams magnify the light in each member, their organization’s performance climbs to new heights.

We help teams rise to peak performance.


When organizations rally around action to overcome challenges, they maximize performance and impact.

We help organizations perfect and implement strategy.

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