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A Coach in Action

You might think it's hard to be a coach instead of a referee or judge.  (Hint: it is.) You might think you can't possibly be a coach because you don't watch your team members "play their game" every day.  (Hint: you can!) Here's a story I heard recently from a really...

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Judge, Referee, or Coach?

I've noticed something when I'm working with leadership teams who are building and implementing plans for the future: Little is more vexing to the team leader (or members of the team for that matter) than the squabbling and political in-fighting that often plagues...

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Dirty Word #31 – Normal

  Do you want to be disappointed? If not, stop reading now. For the two of you who continued, a word of background: I've been sitting on a draft of this post for six months. An article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal made me decide to actually post it today....

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Is Ownership Scaleable?

  My friend and personal marketing guru Jeff said something provocative over lunch to me the other day. Size kills brands.  If you get too big, the brand starts to get diluted and after a while just loses its punch altogether. It's an intriguing and, at first,...

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Prison or Paradise?

  A less-than-stellar interaction with a telecommunications company led me to think about the difference between being in Prison or in Paradise.  (Let's just say that the conversation involved the rigid enforcement of a certain 2-year contract.) In either place,...

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Dirty Word # 30 – Gossip

  Most of us are taught about the downsides of gossip. (Not that it stops us!)  But I think gossip can be really constructive. Here's why: Leaders are constantly bombarded with bad news, problems, and criticism.  It's part of the territory.  If we're going to...

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What needs to go “on ice?”

  Driving to the airport at 4:45AM, certain things jump out at you.  On a recent trip with a colleague, a billboard proclaimed that Toy Story 3 On Ice was coming to town. This got us thinking: Is it a sure sign that an idea has reached the end of the line when it...

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