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Four Marks Of Lasting Genius

I recently wrote a eulogy to a remarkable black bear named Yellow Yellow. She was the unusually resourceful bear who beat virtually every bear canister in her efforts to mooch food from campers in the Adirondack mountains. She was so ingenious that bear canister...

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Six Celebrated Character Flaws

You know this person: He’s the celebrated leader in his company and a darling of his industry.  His organization is profiled as the next big thing. He’s written up as a leader bursting with innovation and purpose and dreams. Money and talent flow to this guy as...

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The Lance Armstrong Manifesto

Now that the hubbub has died down a little from Lance Armstrong’s tightly scripted puke-fest on Oprah’s couch, I thought it might be interesting to step back and see how we got here. Yes, I watched the whole interview. And if I’m totally honest, I found myself saying...

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Why Fear Rocks

Fear works. There. I said it. I got all huffy in a recent post about not creating a fear-inducing environment. But the truth is that fear kicks ass. It gets people scurrying around. If you hate complacency, there’s nothing like a little panic to relax you. And yes, I...

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Three Joys Of Generosity

I know a consultant who made a huge mistake by being normal. He was working with a rapidly growing client.  This organization was still in the early stages of penetrating its target market and was eager to go from an unknown to a household name as quickly as possible....

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Tragedy or Turning Point?

I usually write about the intersection of strategy, leadership, and customer relationships. Not today. I usually try to provide a straight-shooting, snappy perspective on situations we all face when we go to work each day. I go for tongue-in-cheek on regular...

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