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A Critical Distinction

Sometimes we confuse critical thinking with just being critical. There's nothing about critical thinking that says you have to be a jerk. In fact, really useful critical thinking inspires the hearer to raise the bar (vs. defend himself).

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What we can learn from curling

Before you make snarky comments about the title of this post (and yes, I've thought of a half dozen myself), think about this quote from a recent Wall Street Journal article about why the US curling team failed to medal in the Olympics: "We never really got on one...

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Good fights

I got some interesting responses from my last post on handling irritants. It led me to think more about the inevitable fights we have on leadership teams. We shouldn't be surprised when leadership teams experience conflict. Whenever there are important issues and...

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Goal Season – What do good goals look like?

A few weeks ago, with a new year upon us, a client asked me an intriguing question: You spend your life helping people identify goals. What are the classic mistakes people make in goal-setting? Spoiler alert: I'm not going to simply review the virtues of SMART goals...

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Goal Season – Are strategic plans dead?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal argues that our current economic environment may have rendered strategic planning obsolete (subscribers can click here to read the whole article). As an Accenture partner is quoted saying, Strategy as we knew it is dead....

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When silence is NOT golden

Sometimes silence is golden - movie theaters, wilderness sunsets, and that moment when you stop in the middle of a ski run to enjoy the view. Other times, not so much... 2009 was such a difficult year for so many organizations. We were all pushed to focus, prune, and...

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More Planning Games People Play

Of the time-wasting, energy-sucking games people play in planning, here is one that I find particularly aggravating. I call it "teeing up the boss." It tees me off - and if you care about efficient planning , it should tee you off too.

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Pronoun Problems

One of the the biggest complaints I hear from leaders about their teams goes like this: They're all good individuals, but they just refuse to think at the organizational level.

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