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Why (most) people hate account planning

It's near the beginning of a year, so a lot of people in revenue-generating roles will be going through the exercise of account planning. I've been part of more of these sessions than I can count over the past 15 years. Many things have changed, but one thing stays...

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Dirty Word #13 – Sorry

Songwriters tell us that "Sorry" is the hardest word for a human to utter. But in his latest book, renowned executive coach Marshall Goldsmith says that saying sorry is a great approach to improving relationships and moving on to the future. Apologizing is one of the...

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Dirty Word #12 – Honesty

How many of these statements have you heard (or thought or said!) in just the last month or two? I'm afraid to say what I really think because they (management, colleagues, direct reports, clients) will make my life a living hell? Everyone has a right to his opinion....

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Gratitude Revisited

In an earlier post, I talked about gratitude as a powerful way to build constructive relationships and motivate people. I've been struck over the past weeks about how rarely most of us use gratitude in our everyday interactions, especially with co-workers. (I think...

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What can we learn from managing non-profits?

One of the things I love about my work is that I get to interact with leaders from all different spheres of influence: professional services firms, commercial companies, and non-profit organizations. I firmly believe that each has lots to learn from the other, which...

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Why aren’t we cross-selling more?

Quick, name the most frequently asked questions among professional services firm leaders these days? Here, I'll give one to you with a few details changed to protect the guilty: We have 15 different lines of business but our clients buy, on average, services from 1.7...

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Dirty Word #11 – Loyalty

When I work with leaders, there is one thing they seem to want more than anything else in their relationships with colleagues and - even more so - members or their own staff: loyalty. It sounds different from different leaders, but it's essentially the same thing. "I...

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Coaching Secret: Persistent Practice

A former client passed on a blogpost from Rob May's Businesspundit.com. Rob talks about how he gave up desserts for the past eight months. That would be interesting (or crazy, depending on your point of view), but listen to Rob's reasoning for his abstention from...

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