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Getting The Math Right

Too many of us hate our jobs and live in fear. Even the super-successful. And it’s our own doing. I had lunch with a super-talented guy recently. He has a resume to die for - blue chip schools, top tier firms, big titles. Amid his success he had been bounced out of...

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Four Reasons I Hate Lists

An executive I was coaching needed to dig his way out of a serious credibility problem with his boss. When he had joined the company 18 months before, he replaced the entire team while his boss smiled and nodded her approval. Now, there was a culture of infighting and...

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Lessons From An Inferno

Many of us read with sadness about the deaths of 19 members of the elite Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team earlier this summer. Despite their best efforts and extensive expertise, they died when they were over-run by a wildfire that even overcame their...

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Eleven Innovation Buzzkills

Ask almost any executive what they want in their stocking for Christmas next year and they’ll say, “Innovation!” That’s why HBR and Fast Company and Inc. and every other business magazine trumpets the latest thinking about innovation. Ignore for a second the obvious...

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Four Marks Of Lasting Genius

I recently wrote a eulogy to a remarkable black bear named Yellow Yellow. She was the unusually resourceful bear who beat virtually every bear canister in her efforts to mooch food from campers in the Adirondack mountains. She was so ingenious that bear canister...

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