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Look At Your Habits

“Scattered.” That’s how one of my favorite leaders replied when I asked her last week to summarize how she’s doing in one word. I don’t blame her. I feel pretty jumbled up myself most days. It’s no wonder when you reflect on how the world has turned upside down over...

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Train Your Brain

This feeling stuff isn’t natural for many of us. But if your most important job is to manage you, it’s time to raise your game. Otherwise, you will be susceptible to a brain hijack. Don’t believe the lie that you can’t learn to recognize your feelings. You didn’t get...

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Collateral Benefits

The costs of this crisis are real and becoming clearer every day. Physical suffering for some. Loss of family and friends for others. Stress and strain and juggling responsibilities for most. Massive disruption for almost all.  But there are also surprising benefits....

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