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Three Joys Of Generosity

I know a consultant who made a huge mistake by being normal. He was working with a rapidly growing client.  This organization was still in the early stages of penetrating its target market and was eager to go from an unknown to a household name as quickly as possible....

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Tragedy or Turning Point?

I usually write about the intersection of strategy, leadership, and customer relationships. Not today. I usually try to provide a straight-shooting, snappy perspective on situations we all face when we go to work each day. I go for tongue-in-cheek on regular...

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If… 2012

I first posted this during Thanksgiving week two years ago.  It immediately became the most read post I've ever written.  So posting an updated version has become an annual tradition... All the best this Thanksgiving! If you slept in a warm bed last night... give...

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Demanding vs. Demeaning

I was shocked when I heard that my friend, John (do you really need me to say that this is not his real name!?!?), recently left what everyone else in his field would call a dream job. As a master athletic coach, he held a key spot in player development for a...

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