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Being Nick Saban

What’s different about this year’s kickoff of the college football season is the amount of attention being given to Nick Saban’s coaching philosophy. He’s become a topic of discussion not only in the sports press but in the business press.  I guess that’s what happens...

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Three Marks of a Rich Company

Years ago, I was lucky enough to tour Israel and Palestine with a long-time mentor of mine who just happened to be an expert in the area’s ancient history and current, complicated situation. As part of our tour, we stopped in on Elias Chacour, a remarkable Palestinian...

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Why Respecting Sales is One Key to Growth

Planes are funny places. Through the roulette of arcane airline seating procedures, you can wind up next to all sorts of people.  For fun, I sometimes try to guess within 2 minutes which social group the person next to me ran in when they were in high school or...

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