Bright Leader Roundtables

It’s more than a class. It’s a community.

Here’s the short story on Bright Leader Roundtables:


It’s a community.

We curate cohorts of 4-6 participants so that you meet other successful, thoughtful leaders from a variety of industries. And we provide time – and a safe place – for participants to share what they’re learning with others.

It’s thought-provoking.

Each session includes a brief “Thought for the Day” and an opportunity to reflect on how that idea connects to your everyday life as a leader.

It’s inspiring.

You get to hear how others are learning and growing. If misery loves company, inspiration likes community even more.

It’s real.

Our first rule is that everyone just comes as they are. Most leaders have to “be someone” in other arenas. Here, you’re just you. And that’s awesome.

It’s practice-oriented.

Our participants actually want to get better, not just admire problems. They want to do great things. Even more, they want to be great people. That’s the work of a lifetime.

A typical Bright Leader Roundtable session includes:

  • An opening question to set the tone (in your cohort)
  • A Thought for the Day related to the overall theme of the series. Each session builds on the prior ones over the course of the series.
  • A reflective practice that helps you personalize the day’s theme to your everyday life. Think of this as a mini-retreat in the middle of your day. You’re welcome.
  • An opportunity to share with your cohort what you reflected on in the practice.
  • Optional application homework because learning happens in everyday life.

Spring 2022 Series: The Connecting Leader

Leadership is always hard. But our current environment – marked by dynamics like a pandemic, remote work, and the Great Resignation – has put unprecedented demands on each leader’s ability to create an environment that attracts and retains really great people. 

External rewards only go so far. In this 8-part roundtable series, we will explore how you can create a magnetic work environment for your people, one that taps into each human’s deepest intrinsic needs. We’ll move beyond technique to becoming the kind of leaders to whom people gravitate.

Series begins April 27 and runs every Wednesday morning at 8AM Central Daylight Time through June 15.  

What Past Participants Say:

  • In today’s busy world, I looked forward to this time set aside to pause, reflect, unpack insights with great leaders, and have tangible ways to put it all in practice. Mary P., High Tech Deputy General Counsel
  • The build and pace were excellent, allowing time to think and reflect. I don’t think I’ve ever had an 8:30AM meeting I looked forward to as much as this. Julie B., Accounting Partner
  • Ted is an exceptional leader who inspires those around him to be better contributors and versions of themselves. The lessons were well curated and effectively delivered – combining collaborative group time, personal reflection, and beneficial insights I use in my daily work. – Colin S., Financial Services Leader
  • It was a rare move by me to take time out to invest in my leadership skills. The content was excellent, augmented by breakout sessions with the same people each time and the layered review of previous weeks’ material each week. – Lynn E., High Tech Leader
  • The sessions provided a space in an often-busy week to put the phone down, engage, and learn something for myself. – Tim M., Technology Leader
  • Ted has a way of bringing out the best in people. – Arla L., Professional Services Partner
  • I always find learning from peers across different industries very valuable. I don’t often give myself time to focus on my own development, so the freedom to focus on me – even if only for an hour a week – was very satisfying, healthy, and impactful. – Ryan C., Sales Leader

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Spring 2022: The Connecting Leader


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