Practice Self-Awareness

When you feel scattered, it’s easy to become avoid what’s happening inside you by being superficial. That will get in the way of being your best self exactly when you need to be better than ever. The Action Replay is a practice that helps you notice what’s happening inside you and around you each day so that you can be your best self.

We Have Enough Time

Instability makes this the perfect time to rethink our habits. Habits are like water. At one temperature, it is a fluid. At another, it can solidify into rock solid ice. This crisis has melted most of our habits. This may be the best time in your lifetime to rethink your habits.

Look At Your Habits

“Scattered.” That’s how one of my favorite leaders replied when I asked her last week to summarize how she’s doing in one word. I don’t blame her. I feel pretty jumbled up myself most days. It’s no wonder when you reflect on how the world has turned upside down over...