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How to Find Your Class 

No one becomes an exceptional person by having a vision and waiting for it to magically materialize.

Vision must be followed by moments of intention, of choosing, of saying “I’m going to be different, not just appear different so that I score better on the 360 feedback or win some popularity contest at work.” That choice sets off an intentional set of actions fueled by a conviction to move forward, often through significant adversity.

The first step in the process is figuring out what class you need to take.


This worksheet helps you determine and shape a Real-Time Class.

In other words, it helps you answer the question, “What do I need to learn to become the best version of myself?”


Whether you know it or not, class is in session in your life. Every day. Learning masters like Peter Drucker knew this. They milked every era of their lives for more growth and learning. Intentional learners seize this reality in structured ways. They shape the usual chaos of daily life into “classes.”

A Class is a time-limited opportunity to grow your capability in some focused area. In a Class, you get the opportunity to experiment, learn, and grow more toward who you were created to be.  Sometimes these classes happen in formal educational settings. But most Classes are available to all people, all of the time. Many require little or no financial investment. All require personal investment.