Manage Conflict To Your Advantage

Some dread it. Others relish it. Most endure it.
No matter how you deal with it, use conflict to climb higher and shine brighter.

Get The Conflict Monster To Behave

In this funny, digestible, illustrated ebook, Ted Harro and Mark Demel share a unique point of view on work life and how teams reach peak performance in the midst of conflict. In addition to providing useful tools and ideas for busy people, we’re trying to be real, fun, and useful at the same time.


You’ll learn how to: 

  • Identify the forms of conflict “drama”
  • Understand how each team members deal with conflict
  • Breakdown conflict into understandable parts
  • Identify the 3 types of conflict
  • Avoid a decision that goes horribly wrong
  • Run a decision “Play” effectively
  • Involve team members in the right decisions
  • Have a “Good” fight

As you’ll see, it’s NOT a normal business book.