The Path to Peak Performance:

Part I: Which Peak and Why?

Define the peak the team must climb.

Whether through crisis or opportunity, leaders reach defining moments with their teams when high performance truly matters. Leaders can take three actions to move their teams to peak performance.

The Path to Peak Performance, Part I: Which Peak And Why outlines the first action.

Navigating to peak performance is very hard work. Like any great venture, there are no guarantees of success – only guarantees of hard work. Identifying the hill to climb and why is the first step for a leader. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Clearly define the peak your team is trying to climb.
  • Determine what you are trying to do together that no single person or sub-group could achieve on its own
  • Create a tangible target
  • Determine what is valuable to customers, owners/stakeholders, and staff
  • Articulate the consequences that await your organization if your team doesn’t climb this peak together