Our Coaching Approach

What if who you’re becoming matters more
than what you’re doing? 

AND, What If You Can Become That Person While Excelling In Your Current Role?

At the center of any Bright Company lie Bright People. These people are the culture shapers, the creators of the future.

We love working with these people. We love helping them excel and make a positive impact. When we work with them in a coaching engagement, our shared goal is to help clients achieve top-notch results through durable change that moves them toward who they were created to be. 

To achieve durable change, we engage clients in a simple process:


  • We learn their back story, how they got to their current life and career position.
  • We take a clear-eyed view of their current performance and how they show up in their role. This almost always includes gathering feedback from people they work with every day.
  • We help them paint a picture of their preferred future.
  • We create a plan to pursue that preferred future.
  • We walk with them as they implement that plan, adjusting the approach as we learn together.

Throughout this process, we help clients explore and adjust three domains that tend to reinforce how they show up at work:


The stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening


The habits and patterns that drive our ability to perform in the most important situations


The reinforcement they receive from people around them


The majority of our work is helping our clients create more meaningful and effective narratives, select simple practices that enable change, and engage colleagues in providing ongoing encouragement and useful feedback. This helps the change we foster endure long after our engagement is finished.


How We Do It

Noonday’s approach is different from many coaching organizations.


  • Each coach has a strong functional background to go with their coaching expertise so they understand the daily pressures our clients face.

  • Our engagements are based on value instead of time, so clients get as much time from their coach as necessary to get the result.

  • When we have multiple coaching clients within a client organization, we provide regular aggregated cultural insights back to our executive sponsors based on what we are seeing and hearing.

Here’s what you can count on with a Noonday coaching engagement:

  • We will target and achieve business results.

  • We will match a coach with each client based on fit.

  • We will bring all of our leadership and functional expertise to our engagements vs. only asking questions. This means that while the initiative for change remains with the client, we will sometimes advise and teach.

  • We will use colleague feedback to reshape the work social system in which clients live.

  • We will use practices to convert intellectual knowledge into demonstrated ability.

  • All of our coaches will be under the supervision of our Master Coach.