Our People

We are a team passionate about excellent performance – yours and ours. Gain insight into what makes each of us wake up and smell that first cup of coffee, or roses, in the morning.


Mark Demel

Visual thinker. On-the-spot artist. Astute observer. Mark brings ideas to life through pictures and creative communication. And he does it without being a prima donna.

Mark is a recovering insurance marketer who then spent more than a decade using his artistic skills in the non-profit sector.


Fun Fact to Know: One of Mark’s many artistic talents is doing live sand painting presentations. Really. But you have to see it to believe it.

Tim Duncan

Change agent. Technologist. Systems thinker.

Tim has been helping organizations move to new technologies, new operating environments, and new companies for more than 30 years as a Management Consultant and Change Consultant with companies such as CSC, William James, and Arthur Andersen.  He’s experienced in leading large efforts to helping organizations implement large-scale change such as mergers and outsourcing partnerships.


Ted Harro

Strategic facilitator. Leadership team coach. Change instigator.

As the founder of Noonday Ventures, Ted provides overall leadership for Noonday engagements, provides strategic facilitation, and delivers keynote presentations. Ted’s background includes leading the professional services division of Wilson Learning Worldwide. Ted has helped facilitate and implement plans for a variety of well-known organizations in technology, industrial, professional services and nonprofit environments in the U.S. and Western Europe. He also provides leadership coaching to a select group of senior and emerging leaders. Ted holds a Masters in Organization Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In Ted’s free time, he writes, teaches soccer and piano to his kids, and finds any way possible to be outdoors.

Fun Fact to Know: Ted and his family ran an online bread business for seven years where Ted was known as the Bread Dude

Alan Katz

AlanKatz HeadshotAlan works leadership teams of high growth organizations to help them lay the foundation for rapid growth by working with them on the health and clarity of their organizations.  Typically Alan’s client work includes a combination of executive team cohesion, strategy facilitation and core execution planning.  Alan’s clients include high growth businesses across industries, non-for profits, and both city and federal government agencies.  Prior to starting his consulting practice Alan was the head of sales at Capital IQ and ZocDoc and prior to that was an investment banker at Bear Stearns.

Fun Fact to Know: Outside of work, Alan is a poet, yoga practitioner, and avid dad.

Jeff McKay

Jeff helps leadership teams drive smart growth through prudent marketing strategies that align market opportunities, the organization, and brand. He balances intuition and analysis, probes, and facilitates conversations clients need to break free from the status quo.

Jeff’s strategies have helped the world’s top professional services firms achieve industry-leading growth rates, optimize marketing investment, and maximize brand value. Jeff was the SVP of Marketing at Genworth Financial, the Global Marketing Leader at Hewitt Associates and held senior roles at Towers Perrin, and Andersen.

He earned an M.B.A. from Saint Louis University and a B.S. in Marketing from Illinois State University. He sits on the boards of the Salvation Army and Bright Hope.

Fun Fact to Know: Whenever Jeff isn’t spending time with his wife and three kids, he enjoys practicing his “pedal stroke” with his Tower Racing cycling teammates.

Amelia Norvell

Organizer. Communicator. Facilitator.

Amelia keeps us organized and gets involved co-facilitating client sessions. Her background at Capital IQ/S&P and ZocDoc makes her super flexible and used to high-paced and fast-growth cultures.



Julie White

Seasoned leader. Pragmatic strategist. Mentor and coach.

Julie is an experienced consultant committed to helping leaders and organizations become more productive and effective. She has more than 35 years of experience partnering with executives on personal and organizational effectiveness, leading change and aligning people strategies with organizational strategies. She spent more than 20 years in progressively more strategic roles at Wells Fargo and its predecessor organizations, including being a key member on their post-merger integration teams.

Dave Wondra

Dave listens with keen discernment. He understands the unwritten, unspoken dynamics of the executive suite. His observations make Dave a master at executive coaching. His 20 years of professional Human Resource experience took Dave from the US to Europe and Asia where he coached senior executives on transition issues. You will find Dave confidential, trustworthy and approachable. He often plays a role of trusted advisor to the senior leaders of Noonday’s clients.

Dave’s background includes coaching leaders at Abbott laboratories, Bell Canada, General Mills, Lucent Technologies, Opportunity International, The Star Tribune Company, Wells Fargo and many others. He has professional certification in Individual and Organization Coaching from the Hudson Institute and holds a Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation. As adjunct faculty, he teaches for the Graduate School of the University of Saint Thomas.

Fun Fact to Know: Dave is an accomplished trumpet player with a repertoire ranging from classical to jazz and funk.


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