Climb & Shine

Bright ideas to build a
brighter team and organization

Managing Conflict

We all know conflict is a normal part of teams.

Different people respond differently to looming conflict. No matter how you feel about conflict, it can be a great opportunity for the team to grow.

Learn how to use it to shine brighter.



The Path to Peak Performance, Part I: Which peak and why?


Whether through crisis or opportunity, most leaders reach moments when their team must really perform. What should they do first?

The Path to Peak Performance, Part II: Where are we now—and what’s next?


After identifying the next hill to climb, what should leaders do next to get their team moving?

The Path to Peak Performance, Part III: Accelerating the journey


Real life demands speed. How can a leader get a team up the path faster? We identify specific strategies for pulling a team along faster.


How to Choose the Rules

A cheat sheet for choosing the best decision-making approach for each situation.

Does Your Team Suck at Decision-Making?

 Use this handy tool to diagnose a horrible decision and improve next time.    


"Noonday was an excellent partner–reaching across stakeholder groups, building trust, understanding and helping to create a plan."

Chris Michalak

CEO, Alight Solutions