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How To Convert Strategic Initiatives Into Leadership Master Classes

Tom’s team sits, simultaneously sobered and strangely energized. They’re about to deploy their strategy through a variety of key initiatives. They have resolved to use their strategy implementation process to dramatically increase the depth of their leadership bench.

The plain, hard facts stare them in the face. They just mapped their existing team to sort their proven leaders from your potential leaders. They’ve set targets about converting a certain number of potential leaders into proven leaders – and elevating solid team members into the potential leader category. They know they have to do all of this while getting a slate of key projects completed.

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The Greatest Leadership Development Opportunity You’re Probably Missing

Tom looks perplexed. His organization just finished building a plan for its next three years.

They had made significant progress. As he said in a meeting earlier in the week, “For the first time in a long time, I think we have a strategy!” But today, as he faces a list of high gain initiatives, Tom realizes his next major obstacle. “How are we going to get all of this done?” he wondered out loud. “We just don’t have the leadership bench we need to make this happen.”

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If… 2018

If you slept in a warm bed last night... give thanks. If your house is untouched by fire or flood... give thanks. If your sleep was uninterrupted by violence and fear... give thanks. If you were blessed with a good education that stretched your mind and heart... give...

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