Gain Height & Light

Peak Performance, Greater Impact, More Joy

In – Between – Through

Bright Companies empower leaders to become the people they were created to be so they get their teams to peak performance and get the organization clear, aligned, and focused.

Their people are not just proud of what they do (Through) and how they do it (Between); they’re proud of who they are (In).


Become who you were created to be

What if who you’re becoming matters as much as what you’re achieving?

By turning work into a laboratory for the soul, you are free to bring your best self to the job, amplifying your ability to impact both performance and culture.

Inside-Out Leadership Coaching

We help busy people change for the better. Create durable change in how you think, feel, and act so that you make the best possible impact in your work

Leader Launch

Accelerate your transition into that new, big job

Bright Leader Roundtables

It’s more than a class. It’s a community. Join a small cohort of curated leaders from across industries as we explore a key leadership topic over a series of gatherings. 


Get your team to peak performance

How do teams achieve top-notch performance and why do so many fall short?

We help you learn the map that demystifies the often messy team journey.

Team Peak Performance

  • Learn the map of team development
  • Identify the location on the map of your team
  • Find out how to move them towards peak performance


Get clear, aligned, and focused

What if you could build strategy and strengthen your culture all at the same time?

We help your team clarify and implement the coherent action that gets you to the next summit in a way that makes you stronger for the future.

Apex Planning Process

Use a proven, flexible process to get your leaders on the same page about your organization’s direction and priorities

Strategy Deployment

Convert your plan into productive action in a way that reinforces your values and builds leadership bench strength

Leader Multiplication

Dramatically increase the number of proven leaders without ever sending your people to class

Change Leadership

Mobilize your organization for the rigors of the next summit push

Chalk Talks

Communicate your direction memorably so that your vision lives even when you’re not in the room

Noonday helped our leadership and organization through a transformation that went beyond just process; they helped our leaders and managers think and operate differently. 

Andrea Armstrong

Chief of Staff, Alight Solutions

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