The first time I experienced a virtual happy hour was at the end of a day-long Zoom strategy session. It was about a week after we all started taking this crisis seriously enough that we didn’t travel. It was a welcome relief to change gears, open an adult beverage, and smile with each other.

I started hearing about these informal happy hours more and more. I’m glad people are gathering. We’re bonding mammals. We need each other. We need to be able to have a moment of human lightheartedness.

But in addition to casual happy hours, what if you got together with your crew – the group who is helping you become your best self through this crisis – for an intentional happy hour? What if you chose a regular time and said to each other, “I don’t just enjoy your company, I admire you as a person and I’m interested in learning with you.”

You may be in a group already that could easily pivot to being this kind of community. If so, maybe it’s time to trust them enough to suggest the shift.

This kind of group gives your self-management strategy a little structure. You go beyond vague wishes to a clear intention. You do it because you can imagine the best version of yourself who may come out of this crisis. You want to be that person. Badly. And you know that your chances are much greater with the right crew.

Have a happy hour. Include adult beverages if you wish. Just be sure to serve them with a splash of intention.

Be bright