Integrating Leadership Development Into Daily Strategy Deployment

Integrating Leadership Development Into Daily Strategy Deployment

“You know we’re not done yet, right?”

This isn’t exactly what Tom had hoped to hear. But he has a feeling Katie is right. They’re sitting in their conference room immediately after launching the company’s initiative teams. Tom feels pretty good about their work so far. His team had set leadership bench strength goals, assessed their leaders, and carefully engaged each initiative leader in both the task and the development opportunity of their work.

“You mean we could still screw this up?” Tom says with a slight twinkle in his eye.

How To Convert Strategic Initiatives Into Leadership Master Classes

Tom’s team sits, simultaneously sobered and strangely energized. They’re about to deploy their strategy through a variety of key initiatives. They have resolved to use their strategy implementation process to dramatically increase the depth of their leadership bench.

The plain, hard facts stare them in the face. They just mapped their existing team to sort their proven leaders from your potential leaders. They’ve set targets about converting a certain number of potential leaders into proven leaders – and elevating solid team members into the potential leader category. They know they have to do all of this while getting a slate of key projects completed.

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