A pilot course corrects her landing on final approach. A golfer checks the range to the hole one more time and swaps out his club. An audio engineer turns the knob the slightest bit on the sound mix. A baker tweaks the recipe, adding one percent more hydration to the dough.

All of these actions aim to take something that was already good and make it great. They’re the result of trying a practice for a while, pausing for evaluation, and putting to use hours or years or decades of experience. They demonstrate a depth of knowledge about the activity in question that goes well beyond what a hobbyist would understand. In the hands of a pro, these actions are the difference between decent and great, a feather-like landing or a safe-but-spine-jarring arrival.

When you practice like a pro, you relish developing that level of mastery. It’s what makes some people great listeners, riveting presenters, productive team members, or persuasive salespeople. They learn the craft. They put that knowledge to work, making the barely perceptible adjustments that make the difference.

You can be that pro. Whatever you’ve chosen to improve in, you can make those adjustments. We’re cheering for you. We know that, though many won’t even know what you’ve done, the outcome will be completely different.

Be bright