For the first time in months, we had a few friends over for a socially distant outdoor meal this past weekend. All of us had the same happy response to being in the same physical space. We had to modify how we did things to suit the current circumstances, but that didn’t stop us enjoying the experience.

When times are uncertain and chaotic, one of the most universal needs is friendship. As bonding mammals, we naturally create circles of connection. When circumstances separate us, we feel the effects. Even those of us with tiny little feelings.

The humble change-maker knows all about this. He knows that challenging circumstances create opportunities for friendship. Not as a manipulative ploy to bank points for the future or take advantage of someone’s vulnerability. He sees transactional relationships for what they are, the pale imitations of real friendship. 

Instead, she sees friendship as a gift to be given generously. And in difficult times, she happily accepts the challenge of being an inventive friend. She finds new ways to give to those around her, both established friends and people put in her way by the crisis. She even sees it as a game, thinking about how she could surprise and delight these people.

I know people like this. You do, too. They’re the real deal and they make a difference to those around them. Maybe we can be like them today.

Be bright