“Humility lives out the conviction that all human beings are the beloved creatures of God.” – Roberta Bondi

Years ago, Jim Collins pointed out that truly transformational leaders share a surprising character trait. They’re humble.

Some people scoffed at the idea. How does humility fit into our image of the heroic leader, the one who rides in and saves the day? Brashness, boldness, swagger – these are the marks of people who really create change.

Not anymore. Look around you. The ones who are starting to make a difference are the ones who are humble. They’re rethinking their assumptions. They’re listening. They’re mourning.

These are CEOs and mayors and celebrities. But they are also team leaders, team members, and admins. They’re people like all of us. What makes them extraordinary is not their formal authority, but their character.

For too long, we’ve told ourselves the lie that humility is weak. I think we see the opposite. Humility is real strength with skin on. It’s how any person of true, lasting influence shows up and gets their hands dirty.

No matter how large or small your sphere of influence, humility is the starting point for real change. It’s who you can be so that you can do good.

Be bright