As odd as it sounds, there’s a lot to celebrate even in the middle of a crisis. Little things we take for granted in everyday life are suddenly a bit more noteworthy. The store where you shop has bountiful produce. You’re able to connect with colleagues through video technology. You solve a thorny problem at work. Your child makes it through another day of video home school. At least mostly.

These are all occasions for gratitude and celebration. We’re not entitled to any of these experiences. Our expectations have been reset on that score. When they come our way, we have the opportunity to count the blessing instead of missing it.

This is where your crew can help. When you gather, it’s just as easy to note one thing you want to celebrate as it is to gripe. You can cheer each other on as you look for the collateral benefits from this crisis.

By no means am I advocating mindless happy talk. There is real loss in this time, loss we should mourn well.

But mourning is not the whole story. Celebration and gratitude – especially with the reinforcement of your carefully selected crew – are key parts of your resiliency plan. They help you correct an overly negative story you might be telling yourself. Celebration and gratitude help you see what may, at times, be difficult to notice: that your life is still good. That there is good ahead.

Be bright