By now, it’s sinking in how long this road is going to be. Even if we turn a corner in these triple crises, you’re smart enough to know that you need a crew as you go forward. You need a group of people who will stand with you and walk with you over the long haul.

But not all crews are created equal. A crew that likes to bitch and moan is still a crew, but they won’t be much good to you. They’ll reinforce the most unhelpful stories you tell yourself and make it harder to practice good habits. Like eating a dozen donuts, you’ll feel better for the few minutes you’re together. But a stomach ache is right around the corner.

So don’t just build a crew. Curate a crew. Cultivate a crew. Be as intentional about how you shape this group that will surround you as you would about how you’d design a favorite room in your home. Make the group deep and diverse and seriously light-hearted.

That’s the kind of crew we need you to have. Because you’ll be your best self as a result of their influence.

Be bright