Some time ago, I wrote about the amazing power of gratitude – how it’s an inexpensive and priceless way to connect to and motivate people.  Today, I got to be on the receiving end…

I got a call today from a client.  I’ve had the privilege of working with him over the past several years, during which time he’s gone from stalled in his career path to being promoted to a very important new role.  He called me after reaching his one-year mark in this new post to tell me that he had just finished his performance review and had gotten rave reviews.

The unusual thing was that he took time out to call me (very few clients do this, and I do it for very few suppliers) – and to thank me for the role I had played in his success.  I’m perfectly convinced that he did all of the hard work on his own.  He’s the one who made significant changes in his approach to work. He’s the one who planned and executed a solid first year.

But he thanked me anyway.

This was a kind gesture, but it was also a savvy move.  I believe he’s sincere and now I want to help him even more.  When he calls for more help, I’ll not just think that it’s another piece of business.  I’ll (subconsciously) think that it’s another chance to help him succeed and to get thanked for it.

Just another example of how powerful gratitude can be as a motivational tool.  Here’s a challenge for you – whom can you surprise by thanking them?  Who wouldn’t expect it from you, but would find it very motivating?

Why not go out and do it?