What if, instead of saying to each other, “Be safe!” we said, “Take care of each other”?

Self-protection holds us back from those around us. We shrink into saying noble platitudes but doing nothing. We fail to be concrete when the world around us desperately needs us to be.

Instead, a humble change-maker looks around each day for someone to whom they can extend kindness. A family member. A colleague. A total stranger. They know that there’s something more precious than their own security, that they have a gift to give to those around them.

I’m not saying we should be reckless. Rather we should be asking ourselves as we go through our very real, topsy turvy days, “How can I take care of those around me?” Yes, that will include taking precautions, but for the benefit of others instead of for our own protection.

This approach offers us a different storyline to tell ourselves, a narrative that we’re here for the benefit of others rather than our own safety. When we live from that story, we may discover a joy on the other side that self-protection can never give.

Be bright