“It’s too hard.”

I learned that saying from one of my first bosses. He gave me many good gifts, but this was not one of them.

If we adopt the “It’s too hard” posture, we can easily swing toward apathy. It’s a subtle version of quitting, of disengaging from the challenging environment in which we live. It’s easier to check out than to lean in, especially in The Grind. We can half pay attention on the next video call, sink into loneliness in our home offices, withdraw from our colleagues and friends.

But when we check out, we’re quitting on ourselves. We’re missing out on the growth that could come from this learning space we’re in. We’re withholding our support from others and missing out on the joy of working for their good.

But not you. You’re the kind of person who leans in. You’re the kind of person who shuts down distractions so that you can give your full attention to that ninth Zoom call of the day. You’re the kind of person who sees others and gives, both because they need it and because you know it will bring you the joy of becoming more who you were created to be.

That’s what makes you essential. You’re checked in, switched on, and engaged. And that beats apathy every day.

Be bright