We’re all fascinated by something. A book. A movie, or an entire universe of movies. A sports team. A hobby.

What is it for you?

Here’s something worth being fascinated by: lives that really work. People who have grown so much in character that they’re safe and sane for those around them, especially in chaotic times.

A friend recently shared a webinar done by Alan Mulally, Ford’s former CEO who guided the company through the Great Recession as the only major US auto manufacturer not to get bought or bailed out. While his results are impressive, I’m equally struck by his methods. His outcomes were built on a clear philosophy of leadership with trust, candor, and – dare I say it – love at the core.

You don’t pull off those methods without being an exceptional person. You can’t fake trust and good will for very long. It comes from who you are.

We should be fascinated by this storyline. Maybe it will inspire us to dedicate the rest of our lives to becoming the kind of person for whom this approach is normal.

That would be worth a whole new level of fascination.

Be bright