– If you can safely be in the same room with loved ones this week, give thanks.

– If you have access to technology to see and hear those who can’t be with you in person, give thanks.

– If the worst shortage you’ve faced in the past 18 months was toilet paper, give thanks.

– If you have a job that allows you WFH, give thanks.

– If you’re in a company that can safely RTO, give thanks.

– (If you can google acronyms like WFH and RTO – in other words, if you have real-time access to unimaginable quantities of information – give thanks.)

– If the past 18 months have prompted you to rethink everything, give thanks.

– If 2020-2021 has led you to discover new colleagues and deepen with old ones, give thanks.

– If you have a friend with whom you deeply disagree while still respecting each other, give thanks.

– If your relational circle is still full of friends, family, and colleagues who care for you, give thanks.

– If saying goodbye to someone has led you to reconsider what really matters in life, give thanks.

– If hardship has squeezed character development out of you in ways comfort never could, give thanks.

We’ve had plenty to mourn over the past 18 months. But maybe more than almost any time in recent history, our circumstances have given us a gift. They’ve reminded us not to take anything for granted. And that what brings joy is not possessions, status, or achievement but the opportunity to be a contribution to those around us.

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