Our world loves a hero. Thank goodness, there are genuine heroes at work in this crisis. 

But one of the lies we’ll be tempted to believe over the coming weeks is that we have to be heroes ourselves. Or that if our efforts are not spectacular, they are unimportant. We’re a culture obsessed with significance, both its presence and its absence.

Pop that heroic bubble. Get assertive with that lying narrative. As much as we hate to admit it, most of us are small. Our actions will not trend and wondering how to make them do so is misplaced energy. 

Instead of trying for the grand gesture, embrace your smallness. Look for one little act of service today. Make one hard but necessary decision. Treat one person you come across as if they are of infinite worth, even if that is just looking them in the eye and smiling as you pass by at an appropriate distance. Refuse to gossip. For bonus points, do all you can to be sure no one notices. 

Small can be powerful.Be Bright