While I’m often impressed at how feeble my will is, I know it’s good for one thing. It’s good at orienting me toward what I’m shooting for. It won’t get me to run a whole five miles, but it might get me to put my running shoes on.

So I get to choose where I’m pointed.

Will I aim at more press and accolades, or more character?

Will I grit my teeth and just wait for a tough season to be over, or will I embrace it as a learning space where I can grow?

Will I punch out another day on the job, or will I see this day – every day – as an opportunity to practice something that will shape me into a better version of myself?

Will I go it alone, or will I take the risk of opening up to some friends and inviting them into my journey?

Will I expect perfection from myself, or see my day as a playful experiment?

Will I accept a cable company life experience, or aspire to an AirPod Pro return life experience?

Normal or Joy. I get to choose. So do you. I hope we choose well.

Be bright