I’ve got your back.” 

We’ve all heard that so many times. From friends, colleagues, even big company marketing campaigns. 

But do you have my back?  It’s easy to say. It’s harder to show

That’s where listening comes in. Listening – really good listening – is so rare that it demonstrates that you’re a trustworthy person. Here’s why:

  • Listening shows that I’m worth your time. Since it’s hard to listen in a hurry, listening shows me that you’re investing something precious in me. Your time.
  • Listening shows that I’m worth your attention. We all know when someone is locked in and when they’re distracted. When you listen – really listen – it tells me that you have set other things aside. Even urgent, important things. 
  • Listening shows me that I can influence how you think and behave. You’re not a closed book. You’re taking in what I have to say. You’re considering it. 
  • Listening gives me hope that I can make my best contribution around you. My ideas and energy have somewhere to flow because you’re open. And the environment makes me more likely to problem-solve, suggest, and play.

Feel free to say you have my back all you want. But showing beats telling every day. And listening is one of the best ways to show that I should trust you.  

Be bright