Here’s the thing about The Grind: you’re probably going to be stuck with someone who rubs you the wrong way. Maybe in prior eras we could escape them by traveling more or skipping meetings. But in The Grind, we’re stuck in the same patterns, often with the same people. Expect friction.

That irritation may come from the same old problem you have with that same person. He keeps doing that. She keeps saying this. Or it may come from someone new who is doing something that has always made you mad, no matter who does it. “I hate it when people do that?” you think. “And now you, too? What the…?”

But maybe, just maybe, this person could be part of the process of helping you become who you were created to be. Maybe you’re part of the pattern. Perhaps you can use this season of repetition as an opportunity to be sanded to a radiant finish, where you’re less easily irritated and more ready to be part of the solution.

Of course, I’m not talking about downright abusive behavior here. That’s something different and something we should never tolerate. There’s a big difference between a nemesis and a predator. The first we can embrace. The latter we resist with all we have.

So for the nemesis, that challenging person or pattern you are faced with over and over in The Grind – for that person, you can be thankful. Use them as part of your growth, whether they know it or not.

Be bright