If we want to turn The Grind into a laboratory for the soul, few things matter more than picking a role model. While humans are natural-born followers, one small act of self-leadership we all practice is the selection of someone we emulate.

Role models help us to visualize what we aspire to become. It’s tempting to pick someone famous or flashy or influential. If you want to become the kind of person who brings stability to chaos, resist that urge. Instead, look for people who are safe and sane to be around no matter what is happening.

While they may end up in positions of influence and visibility, these people probably haven’t sought those spots. They’re more like Richard Winters, the World War II officer portrayed in the classic mini-series, Band of Brothers. He cared for his soldiers. He was grounded deeply in principle. The results from his life all flowed from the depth of his character.

These people exist in your world, too. They may be less celebrated or noticed by the crowd. But you’ll know them because others will quietly seek them out when things get crazy.

There are few decisions more important than who you emulate. Pick role models who are safe and sane to be around. Name them. Study them. Seek them out. We’ll all be glad you did.

Be bright