Do you know someone who is stepping into a significant leadership role? Ever wonder what makes some people fly faster in those roles while others fail to launch? Our team did some research on that some months back and found that – in the opinion of other leaders across many industries – building constructive relationships with colleagues and team members ranked highest.

I’ve just posted Minefields, Allies, and Hidden Agendas: Episode II,  the second in a series of articles that deal with this very topic. They track the progress of Ben Scott, a (fictitious) up and coming executive who just started as Chief Marketing Officer at a professional services firm. He’s trying to figure out how to build relationships, navigate politics, and make his mark in this role.

Each episode should take about 10 minutes to read – precisely the amount of time most planes take taxiing and taking off before you can crank up the laptop again. And each one gives you practical approaches to apply, share, and practice.

And yes, I have a nice gift waiting for the first person to read, apply/share, and offer feedback on the article.