This triple crisis tempts us to pull back, to play defense. The world can seem scary and unpredictable.  

“Take care of yourself. Watch your back. No one else will,” the little voice whispers. “Just say the right things and keep your head down.”

Not the humble change-makers. They know that talk is cheap and that self-protection is the way to a long, slow death. 

So they play offense. They quietly, steadily work for the good of others. They start with the people right around them. They keep their eyes open, alert for ways to start a chain reaction of generosity in their own circles. At work. At home. In the neighborhood.

They don’t care about the visibility of their actions. They’re at peace whether their actions become front-page news or go completely unnoticed.

In an environment that tempts us to withdraw or to wait for the grand gesture, these quiet, concrete actions are everyday moments of defiance. They represent one way we can all be part of the change. Be bright