We live in a world that glorifies doers. Set goals. Go fast. Be busy. Don’t overthink it. Get results.

I support action. We have big problems that require people who will jump in and get their hands dirty.

But pros know that one of the most important things we do is pause. We stop and reflect. We watch the videotape the day after the game. We do the retro after the project. That’s how we get better, by stepping away from action for a few minutes.

Negotiation guru Bill Ury used to call this the ability to step to the balcony. It’s taking that moment to leave the stage of our lives, climb the stairs, and look down as an interested observer.

If you’re learning to practice like a pro so that you can become the best version of yourself, this step is crucial. We resist it because it forces us to look at ourselves, and sometimes we’re a little shy about doing that.

But no pro skips the video sessions, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. They pause their practice. They coax themselves up the stairs to the balcony and ask themselves, “What’s happening here?”

Be bright