“My life has been shaped by questions.”

That’s what my friend, Trevor, said one day. I think he’s right – about him, about you, about me.

Questions invite. “Will you marry me?” “Will you take this job?”

Questions provoke. “Why do you think that way?” “Why do you act that way?”

Questions open up possibility. “What if we did this?”

Of all the questions that shape us most, maybe the most powerful ones are those we ask ourselves. “What am I going to do today?” “Which priority really matters to me?”

It’s just that we’re often unconscious of many important questions we ask ourselves. And those questions – the ones we don’t even know we’re asking – are the ones that drive us more than we can imagine.

Ask yourself the right questions, and you’ll have a shot at useful answers. Ask yourself the wrong questions, and you’ll end up more lost than ever. You’ll end up at the top of a False Peak, wondering why you spent all of those calories in vain.

Think carefully about answers. But before that, think carefully about the questions you’re asking yourself.

Be bright