One of the results of social isolation is that we’re so, well, isolated. It’s easy to have our worlds shrink down to the four crazy walls of our home offices, with a Zoom screen as the only window to the world. Our own very real problems seem bigger and bigger when we’re stuck in solitary confinement.

This is where your crew can play a counterintuitive role in your game plan for this crisis. What if you take a minute each day and simply bring the faces of those people to your mind? Pay attention to where your mind goes as you think of each person. What vulnerability are they experiencing? What mini-joy are they celebrating?

When you do this, you’ll probably have one person particularly stick out in your mind each day. If so, just write their name down and make a point of reaching out to them that day. You don’t have to say anything more than, “You came to mind today.”

Yes, this will likely win friends. But don’t do it for that reason. Do it because it’s who you were created to be – a person who can be generous with time and thought even when everything around you is screaming, “Take care of yourself, dammit!!” Do it because reaching out is one of the best antidotes to the spiral of worry and regret that wants to grab all of us by the throat right now.

Reach out to your crew. Be generous. Giving beats self-absorption, every day.

Be bright