It’s easy to think after a chaotic time, “Phew! Now it’s time for us to bounce back.” Like it’s an act of will. Like it’s easy or inevitable.

But it’s not inevitable. The ability to rebound – resilience is the trending word – is a muscle, a discipline, a character trait. You don’t snap your fingers and become resilient. Like all character traits, it comes from a long, slow process of becoming the kind of person and organization who can bounce back even in – maybe especially in – chaotic times.

Resilient organizations and communities and families start with resilient people. They’re the kind of people who create pockets of safety and sanity in crazy times. On the other hand, brittle people spread the crazy. They don’t mean to. They just can’t help it.

You’re the kind of person who wants to be resilient, who is intent on becoming the creator of safe and sane circles. That’s why we pulled together this little eBook, Rebound: How to build resiliency for chaotic times.

Rebound offers five pro tips for becoming the kind of person who rebounds – and who can spread that resilience to others. It also links to several tools you can use to apply the ideas to your life and work. Lucky for you, it includes illustrations from my wonderfully talented colleague, Mark Demel.

We’re making this book free because we want to support you as you play your role in our crazy world. You can find it on our website or you can download it for free by clicking here.

The crazy isn’t stopping anytime soon. But it’s all good when you can rebound.

Be bright