My friend, Dave, lives in Minneapolis. After one of the chaotic nights in his hometown, he joined a group of fellow citizens to clean up a devastated neighborhood. In their understated way, they pitched in. They helped out. They were kind.

This is what humility looks like with its sleeves rolled up. It’s practical. It’s kind. It needs no banner headline or media coverage.

If we look around, we’ll see examples of kindness and virtue popping up. Some may be very visible. Many are hidden.

One thing the humble leader does: she notices kindness and lifts it up. He sees inner goodness in others and encourages it. They are downright tickled by being able to cheer others on.

Because it’s not about them. It’s never about them. It’s about magnifying the good.

Celebrate every kindness you see. It’s a humble way to be an ally with good.

Be bright