I once heard Ben Zander tell a story: There was a prime minister who was in the middle of a meeting with another head of state. An aide interrupted the meeting and shared that an important government official had a pressing issue that needed the PM’s attention.

“Tell him to remember Rule #6,” the prime minister said.

The aide paused a moment, and said, “Ah yes. Rule #6,” before leaving the room, obviously reassured.

This happened two more times with two other aides during the course of this same meeting. In each case, the employee left the room in a better mood than when they entered.

Finally, the visiting head of state leaned over and said to the prime minister, “Tell me about this Rule #6. It seems to be very important to your administration.”

“Oh it’s simple,” the prime minister said. “Rule #6 says, ‘Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.’”

If you’re going to use The Grind to become great, you’re going to have use Rule #6 a lot. It reminds us that we’re finite. That we’re flawed. And that we’re full of possibility regardless.

Be bright