“There’s a desperate need not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.” Richard Foster

Despite all of the change we’ve experienced over the past months, one thing has stayed the same: you are a vital source of stability to those around you.

We shouldn’t be surprised. We’re bonding mammals. We naturally create social circles that provide us with safety and security. When those circles work well, we have the possibility of creating and playing and producing. This is especially true when the world around that circle is up for grabs.

The reverse is true, too. If your circles feel dangerous or unpredictable, it’s natural to pull back, to protect yourself, to play defense.

I’m sure you see how important it is for all of us to foster circles where people can do their best creative work – on the job, in the neighborhood, in your home. That’s how we’re going to navigate these crises, not by withdrawing and watching our backs.

So here’s the job during The Grind: to become the kind of person who makes productive circles of humans. That means you have to become a safe and sane person to be close to. When you do that, you’re doing essential work even when all hell breaks loose. Maybe especially when all hell breaks loose.

Play your formal role as well as you can. But remember that your deeper job is to become that person, the one people feel safe and sane to be around. The people in your circle need that. We all need that.

Be bright