Putting the plan to work

I’ve been busy conducting planning sessions for several clients (partly explaining the lapse in posts). These leadership teams have successfully engaged in the process of building perspective that I discussed in my earlier post. As usual, we ended these planning sessions with greater clarity and a well-prioritized list of initiatives that will drive these organizations forward toward their goals.

It’s precisely at this point that an old saying applies:

If you plan your work and work your plan, the plan will work.

I know you’ve heard it and are perhaps rolling your eyes right now. But I can’t begin to tell you how many organizations flounder at precisely this point. That has fueled a general skepticism in organizations about whether or not their planning efforts will amount to a hill of beans. As one client said to me recently, “I want to see results before I consider this whole planning process a success.” It’s a fair comment, even if it makes people in the planning business a little nervous.

Why is this? It’s simple. Many organizations have divorced the doing of the work from the planning of the work. People who are often involved in planning see getting the ideas as the hard work. But let’s face it, a brilliant idea poorly executed delivers you precisely squat.

Planning work doesn’t end until the core initiatives that come from it are successfully implemented. And successful implementation comes from installing a management system that guides, supports, and drives steady progress on those few workstreams that will really make a difference.

Maybe the old saying has merit after all.

We welcome you to share the best methods you have experienced for managing key initiatives. The more you share with the Noonday community, the more we will all gain from participating!