We’re all in the promise business. If you’re a marketing leader, your brand makes a promise that the rest of the organization must keep.  If you’re an executive, you’re making promises to your people that your fellow leaders and your HR team must keep. If you’re in sales, you make promises to customers that the product/service must keep. And the list goes on…

We make little promises to our colleagues every day too.

  • I’ll be in that meeting at 11.
  • I’ll have that deliverable to you by Tuesday.
  • I’ll call my friend at that vendor this week.

All of these promises matter.  Their sum total equals a big chunk of our credibility with those around us. They’re the unwritten fabric that holds the whole thing together.

But they aren’t the most important promises.

The most important promise you make is the promise to yourself.

  • I’ll have that tough conversation (the one I’ve had 50 times in my head) before this week is out.
  • I’ll speak up instead of wall-flowering at the next senior staff meeting.
  • I’ll take a risk with that client rather than playing it safe.
  • I’ll set aside 30 minutes a day to actually think vs. just react to what’s flowing through my email in-box.

The sum total of these promises equals a big chunk of my credibility with myself.  And that really matters because if I don’t trust myself, why should anyone else?