Here’s one collateral benefit of a crisis: the rules shift. In normal times, we are all tempted to act like we have our stuff together. The underlying narrative that rules our lives says, “Don’t look weak. Don’t look needy. Don’t let them see you sweat.”

In a crisis, we know that’s a lie. We’re all sweating in some way or other, at least some of the time. We finally have permission to say so. The rules have changed.

But don’t be deceived. Those rule changes are temporary. Someday, we’ll find a new normal and it will be back to the pressure to pretend. We’ll act stronger than we are. The window will close.

So this is our time. The first step to finding your crew, the group who will help you be your best self because of this crisis, is trusting someone. Trust them enough to say the truth, that you want to be better and that you need their help. That you would welcome the opportunity to offer your help in return. That you’re better together than in isolation. That there’s strength in numbers because there’s joy in numbers.

Do this once. Then do it again. Introduce good people to good people. Build an intentional circle, whether of two or of twelve. Do it so that you can manage yourself and be more resilient. You have a lot to contribute and we need you to be your best self.

Be bright