One of the most common but least discussed Leadership Poisons is worry. I know we’ve been told that only the paranoid survive. And sure, some level of caution makes sense in a volatile world. 

But too much fear makes smart people stupid. Too much fear makes decent people mean. 

Trusting the process puts worry in its rightful place. It starts with reminding yourself of the game you’re playing. If you’re playing the “I’m becoming who I was created to be” game, you can hold success and failure loosely in your hands. You can see every circumstance – pleasant and unpleasant – as an opportunity to grow. You can focus on what you control and release what you can never control, which almost always includes outcomes.

The best coaches know this. They tell their performers, “Go out there and do your very best. We’ve practiced. We’ve rehearsed. We can’t control the outcomes, but we can control our process. And no matter what result, we’ll benefit because we will learn and improve.”

That’s freedom from the grip of worry. That’s trusting the process.Be bright