Imagine it’s your last day of work. You’re about to retire and someone walks up to you with a book full of notes from people you have served over the years – clients, staff, colleagues, bosses, partners. They have a personal note for you about the contribution you made to their careers and their lives.

John Grau, my first boss and mentor just sent me a fascinating document. He went on a mission to gather notes like that for his friend, Larry Wilson, one of the godfathers of the human development movement over the past 40 years. The notes turned into a coffee table book 100 pages long. They include notes from well-known people (Warren Bennis) and many from everyday people whose names few would recognize. But they all reflect appreciation for the unique contribution Larry made to their lives.

Makes me wonder: What do I want in my coffee table book someday?

How about you? What contribution do you want people to recognize you for when your career is wrapping up?